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Key Components Of A Great Visualization Exercise

Reduce Stress

Visualization is also known as a “mental rehearsal” and has been utilized since the 1960’s beginning with athletes who wanted to improve their skill and performance. You only need to visualize for a few minutes each day to receive benefits from the practice. Visualization is a technique that can be done anytime when you can […]

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Relieving Stress Using Guided Meditation


Guided Meditation For Stress Relief When we are stressed, worried, anxious, or upset, it can be a great option to implement mediation into our life. Time spent in meditation restores peace and calm and can bring a sense of restoration to the mind. Meditation is a great practice because it can be done anywhere. Guided […]

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Understanding Sleep Patterns And What To Do To Affect Them


Understanding the Different Stages of Sleep Also discover if you have any sleep disorders. A sleep schedule may help you  to get better rest and avoid sleep problems or optimize sleep duration ensuring quality sleep. Each night when you go to sleep, your body and mind goes through a lot of changes. Sleep changes and […]

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Are You Getting Enough- Sleep Here Are Some Signs


Some Signs That You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep If you are you constantly in a poor mood and aren’t sure why? Do you feel exhausted throughout the day, even when you felt like you slept enough? DO you find it hard to concentrate? If so, you might be dealing with a lack of sleep. Even […]

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Is Multi Tasking Really Effective?


Multi-Tasking and Your Mental Health Does multi-tasking affect your health? It may seem like it is increasing productivity and saving you time and energy, and many women are proud of their multi-tasking abilities. However, ongoing research has confirmed that multi-tasking can have negative effects on levels of productivity and overall brain health in some cases.   […]

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How Does Meditation Affect Your Mental Age?


Can Meditation Help Keep Your Brain Young? As people age, their brain’s lose weight and volume. These changes may start to occur in people as early as their mid to late 20s. Previous research has shown people who meditate to lose less brain mass over time than those who do not. In particular, research concluded […]

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Blood Sugar Levels 101

Blood Sugar

Blood Sugar Levels Many people do not understand the difference between hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. Hyper means high and hypo means low. So therefore, hyperglycemia is too high a blood sugar level and hypoglycemia is too low a blood sugar level. Our blood sugar levels can fluctuate depending on our actions, state of health, thoughts or […]

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10 Minute Meditation For Focus And Success


The Power of Meditation Today’s world, thankfully, is changing. People are incorporating more holistic practices and mindful practices into their daily lives. From children to elders, meditation is one of those practices. We all know someone who takes on the practice of meditation. For some people, it’s a daily practice, while for others it’s just […]

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Stay Home

Working from home, or now operating remotely, brings some unique challenges. Also, being on lockdown during a pandemic should not be an excuse to let go of your body and engage in an unhealthy lifestyle. If you have to stay indoors longer than usual, it is even more essential to adopt a healthy lifestyle. In […]

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The Value Of Staying Calm Under Duress

Killer Stress

Staying Calm And Centered In Times Of Corona Panic: Amazing At Home Activities To Get Started Today. As COVID-19 slowly makes its way into major cities and small suburbs across the nation, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to remain calm and not panic. We have been told by authorities to say in our homes in […]

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