Healthy Smoothies That Use Coconut


If you are someone that likes to drink smoothies in the morning, then you will have some great opportunities for adding more coconut to your regular diet. The following smoothie recipes are going to use coconut to flavor them, while also adding to their health benefits at the same time. Want some extra protein? Try […]

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Improving Digestion With Coconut


If you are having problems with your digestion, coconut will be your new best friend. You can add more coconut to the foods and drinks you consume, detox your body, and help with proper digestive health as well. This will make you feel much better and even give you some more energy as well. Start […]

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Get Shiny Hair With Coconut Oil

When your hair is flat and lacks shine, you may be looking at your local drug or beauty supply store for the magic cure. However, what you need is probably right in your cabinet. Coconut oil is excellent for helping with dry and limp hair, as it moisturizes while also adding in a lot of […]

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