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The Amazing Power Of Meditation For Health


Using Meditation To Find Inner Peace And Serenity You might not realize it, but the noise of life is what’s standing between you and inner peace. Life is so loud right now, but the noise in your heart and mind is drowning your hope of finding serenity. We’re always busy, doing as much as we […]

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How Your Reactions Determine Your Happiness.


You Can’t Control The World, But You Can Control Your Internal Dialogue We live in a world that is more focused on self-care and finding inner peace than ever before. Yet, it seems almost impossible to attain. The shift of our focus on these subjects is indicative of our environment. If you watch the news, […]

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How To Protect Yourself From The Corona Virus

As of March 11th, 2020, the Corona Virus (COVID-19) has been recognized as a worldwide pandemic. We have known about the virus ever since it hit China last month, but now that it is at your door you need to protect yourself. Identifying symptoms, too, is important so that you can get help and avoid […]

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Simple And Effective Immunity Boosting Tips

Covid 19

Natural Methods Of Boosting Immunity There is a pandemic out there. Nobody wants to be the next active case of Coronavirus, so what can we do? Well, our immune system is the first line of defense against any virus. Boosting our immune system is the best way we can stay healthy. There’s good news! We […]

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Why Helping Others Also Helps You At This Time.


How Showing Kindness To Others In Need Can Also Help You Better Deal With Trying Times Like The Pandemic Crisis As most of America is slowly being quarantined as a result of the Coronavirus, morale has been especially low across the nation. With the number of cases of the virus rapidly increasing, there’s an even […]

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Why A Positive Outlook Is Vital At This Time


The Health Benefits Of Positive Thinking We’ve gotten pretty used to hearing that we should stay positive. Sometimes that can seem naive or irresponsible, especially when we really feel like things aren’t going well. You should only use positive thinking to avoid stress from things that aren’t important or that we can’t change. Some stress […]

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Don’t Loose Your Mind During The Pandemic


Dealing With The Mental Side Of A Pandemic We are in the midst of the first global pandemic since 1918. The Spanish Flu (which is believed to have actually originated on a military base in Kansas) tore across the globe for two years, infecting a quarter of the world’s population and ending 50 million lives. […]

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Explaining The Pandemic To Your Children

Scared Child

How To Talk To Scared Kids About The Pandemic  On a global scale, our society is in the midst of a serious medical situation. The coronavirus has single handedly disrupted almost every aspect of life for the time being. Restaurants and businesses have been forced to close their doors, the worldwide economy is suffering and […]

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Basics


PTSD 101 Anyone who has been through a stressful or traumatic event knows how serious the aftermath can be. The psychological shock alone makes returning to normal life difficult and sometimes unbearable. Yet it is completely normal and understandable and slowly, but surely, things start calming down in a matter of weeks. Yet those whose […]

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