The Amazing Power Of Meditation For Health



Using Meditation To Find Inner Peace And Serenity

You might not realize it, but the noise of life is what’s standing between you and inner peace.

Life is so loud right now, but the noise in your heart and mind is drowning your hope of finding serenity. We’re always busy, doing as much as we possibly can with what limited time we have.

We just don’t feel the same joy and contentment that seemed easy to find when we were kids.

You can change that, though, meditation is an excellent way to find inner peace and serenity.

To make things easier, we have put together some simple meditations for you to try.


Meditation To Find Serenity

Before you get started, find a quiet place to settle.

This should be somewhere you feel comfortable and know you will be undisturbed for five minutes or so.

Now, find a comfortable sitting position, whether it’s on the floor or in a chair. You may also want to lay down, that’s up to you.

Take a few deep breaths to clear your mind and relax.

Your feet (or body) should be firmly planted on the ground, take this moment to feel the ground beneath you.

Visualize yourself in a forest, standing between a leafy tree with big, strong branches. Take a deep breath and allow the clean air and smell of soil to flood your senses.

Hear the wind as is rustles through the tree leaves above, feel it as it dances across your skin. Do you hear birds chirping or the distant sound of animals?

Visualize the physical attributes of the tree, its branches, and its leaves.

Now visualize yourself reaching out to touch the bark, imaging the texture.

Pay attention to the shade the tree is providing you with, protecting you from the harsh UV rays of the blistering sun.

Appreciate the wood the tree provides, how it helps to clean the air and recognize its beauty.

The tree is a living organism, appreciate it as such.

Visualize its complex root system as it drinks water and grows.

The sun is shining and while the tree provides you with cooling shade, you can feel it on your skin, visualize yourself soaking up the light and being renewed, energized, and calmed by your environment.


An Alternative

Alternatively, you can use relaxing music to meditate to.

For this, try to use headphones as it will block out any outside noise more efficiently.

This is a simpler method of meditation.

Simply breathe in deeply through your nostrils and count to two silently, exhale out your mouth and count to four silently. Repeat this process for five minutes.

If you’re looking for a song for relaxation, then you may want to give Weightless, by British band Marconi Union a chance.

According to a study by Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson, this is the song considered the most relaxing in the world (

Interestingly, the song was produced in conjunction with the British Academy of Sound Therapy.

The song was found to be so relaxing that experts advise against driving whilst listening to it. That makes it the perfect choice for your meditation needs.

As it is just over 8 minutes long, you will find it’s ideal for meditation purposes. Enjoy!

The Benefits

What benefits does meditation hold? Not only does it help you get comfortable with silence and stillness, but it’s also excellent for your physical and mental health.

Think of it as push-ups for your brain.

It can help protect your cognitive health, relieve stress, and help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

It will also sharpen your focus, improve your mood, boost your immune system, and help you get a better night’s sleep. There is no downside to meditation.